NH Department of Environmental Services Identifies Windham Water Issues

The NH Department of Environmental Services accumulates and categorizes key water supply data for all of New Hampshire.  Here are some of those water facts for the Town of Windham.

 Windham has about 1400 private wells and about 68 public water systems.  In Windham, NHDES has records of elevated contaminants in numerous private and public water supply systems; including arsenic (About 1 in 5 wells in NH has an arsenic level of greater than 0.010 milligrams per liter per NHDES).  While some contamination is naturally occurring, other contamination is the result of the salting of roads, blasting, gasoline spill(s), backwash from water softeners and from septic systems. Since 1984, approximately 20% of the wells in a DES study area (Windham included) have been deepened, fractured or replaced. 

The WEDC has asked the Board of Selectmen to support placement of a warrant article on the next ballot to support a r study on bringing municipal water to Windham and thinks the time is now to start the process.

The Windham Economic Development Committee – Keeping you informed and remaining dedicated to enhancing the vitality of the local economy to balance the tax base for all Windham residents. Visit us on line at: www.windhamnewhampshire.com/committees/economic-development-committee


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