Windham Fire Chief Supports Municipal Water Study

Susan Denopoulis, WEDC member, spoke with Windham Fire Chief Tom McPherson recently about municipal water and the request for monies for a water supply study.   Chief McPherson said “…current water sources for fighting fires are underground cisterns, tanker trucks, tanker trucks supplied via mutual aid and fire ponds.  There are a lot of positives to bringing municipal water to Windham.   Insurance cost for properties which are within a certain distance to municipal water is lower.  Underground cisterns, which add to development costs and require long term maintenance, can be eliminated. “

“Sprinkler systems are more efficient, less expensive and more dependable.  We would withdraw less water from our groundwater and aquifers, therefore providing more protection of those valuable, natural resources.”

The Chief went on to say “For many businesses looking into coming to Windham, lack of a reliable water source keeps them away.  I am in full support of completing a water supply study and I support bringing municipal water to Windham.  Municipal water is the way to go.”

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