Windham Terrace Residents Partner with Helping Hands to Make Christmas Dinner Baskets for Families

Carol Dove, a resident of Windham Terrace, joyfully prepares ingredients to make bread for Christmas dinner baskets for families in need.
Carol Dove, a resident of Windham Terrace, joyfully prepares ingredients to make bread for Christmas dinner baskets for families in need.

Seniors in their 80s and 90s at Windham Terrace, an assisted living community in Windham, have found that the best part of the holidays is giving back and doing things for people who need a little extra help. The community recently began a special relationship with Helping Hands, an organization that works to solve the problem of hunger, poverty, and homelessness experienced by under-privileged children across the globe, and here in America. The residents have been actively involved with local events and projects that benefit the families and people that Helping Hands assists. This holiday season residents at Windham Terrace have been busy making loaves of dessert bread for Christmas dinner baskets that Helping Hands will deliver to families in need.


“I think that sometimes people forget the true meaning of Christmas in the midst of the parties and the gift buying,” said Dorothy Nelson, a resident of Windham Terrace. “I have found fulfillment in giving back to others and volunteering my time for a good cause and not just during the holidays, but all year long. More people should stop and think about ways they can lend a helping hand instead of focusing on all the commercial aspects of the holiday season. Doing something good and thoughtful for someone else is heart-warming and instills hope in those whose spirits need to be lifted.”


The residents are baking loaves of bread for 70 Christmas gift baskets which will feature classic holiday favorites like pumpkin bread and banana nut bread. The community is excited to spread some Christmas cheer and to share their homemade bread with other families in Windham.


“We are so thankful for the support and help we get from residents at Windham Terrace,” said Judy Newcomb, a board member of Helping Hands. “With their assistance, we are able to get more done at once and in a shorter amount of time. My aunt, Lillian Stevens, is a resident there and we thought it would be a mutually beneficial partnership, so I approached the community about volunteer opportunities for the residents and we have been working together ever since. Togther, we make a difference in the community and we provide better service to the families and people who we serve.”


In previous months, Windham Terrace residents have organized materials for a walkathon, assisted with craft projects for a Christmas giving program and baked cookies for gift baskets for police officers and firefighters. The partnership began approximately three months ago.


“A vibrant and giving spirit fills Windham Terrace and it is wonderful seeing how much fun the residents have working on projects for Helping Hands,” said Alicia Sell, life enrichment director for Windahm Terrace. “So far we have assisted with a special project each month. The residents are looking forward to helping with future projects and are excitedly making warm loaves of Christmas bread for the gift baskets for this holiday season.”


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