LETTER: Helping Hands Aided Residents Through Tough Time

This is the third in a series of Letters to Windham Helping Hands.


My husband and I wanted to thank Windham’s Helping Hands for your generosity and kindness in bringing us food during our difficult time earlier this year. Words cannot express how it warmed our hearts and made us feel so cared for during such a scary and dark time. You did not know us, and yet you took the time, money and effort to prepare something for us and made us feel so welcomed in a new place. If Helping Hands has needs in the future, I will bring a meal! It was so helpful to us in so many ways. Our daughters got in the habit of just expecting food to appear and they now face the harsh reality of Mom's boring food! 

My husband’s doctor visits have declined and the urgency has passed for now and our baby (now nearly 6 months!) sleeps through the night -- and things are looking up! We are so enjoying being in Windham and are currently looking for a home to buy so we can plant our feet here. Thank you for helping us get to know what a special place this is.

Thank you for arranging and organizing this wonderful gift for us.

Thank you again,

Name Withheld


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