Chatterbox Cafe: Making the Impossible Possible

Windham restaurant thriving after Food Network appearance.

When Lynn Malone first found out her restaurant, , was going to be she assumed she'd be getting an education on how to better run her business.

What she got was a bit different, but she says the exposure from appearing on the popular television show has been hugely beneficial to the Cobbett's Pond Road eatery.

Since the episode first aired last month, Malone said she's seen a substantial uptick in business, with many people stopping in after having seen her restaurant featured on celebrity chef Robert Irvine's reality program.

"Definitely, it's brought people in from me being on the show," she said. "That's really been good for my business."

But it hasn't solved all of her problems. Basically, Malone said, it provided her restaurant with a makeover, not specific tips on how to run a successful business going forward.

"It was mostly cosmetic," she said of the changes suggested by Irvine. "It also helped me to see things from a different managerial mindset. It helped me to be more of a boss than a friend. The thing I need to do is work more on my business and not in my business."

Opening a restaurant hasn't been easy for Malone, a widow with five children. But she said she's received a great deal of support from the Windham community.

"The town has been really good in supporting me, and I do have a really loyal customer base," she said. "They believe in what we're doing here, and that means a lot."

Malone said she's constantly making changes to improve the restaurant, and she recently hired a new chef who she thinks will help her business succeed going forward.

"I feel like really good things are coming for the Chatterbox," she said. "This is a very young business. I'm just in the infancy stage of my restaurant. It constantly has to evolve to get there."

If you missed The Chatterbox Cafe episode of "Restaurant: Impossible," it is scheduled to air again on the Food Network sometime next month. Check your local listings for details.

paul peddle November 01, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Please put a breakfast menu, and lunch menu, on the computer....thank you, big Paulie...and good luck
paul peddle November 01, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Tim Getwright March 14, 2013 at 12:02 AM
Wow. You kind of sound ungrateful !! If you need help running a business take a class and use common sense. Otherwise why did you open a restuarant if you don't know what to do!??
Debra St. Jean May 20, 2013 at 03:29 PM
Got 3 gift certificates for Christmas gifts. Went December 29, 2012 and there was paper on all windows with a note that due to onforseen circumstances they were closed and would open soon. Since then, they have moved out in the middle of the night. Has not renewed Restaurant license. Rotten way to do business! Sell gift certificates and then close doors a few days after!


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