A Tribute to a Warriors Battle

During times of adversity,true character emerges.Its up to us all how we chose to Fight! This story is about a fellow Warrior in his recent news of challenge.

Day to day, moment to moment sometimes, LIFE can be a challenge.

      We all are subjected to some adversity and it’s the way we deal with it is the key. Financial, physical or mental issues will always be an obstacle we all will tackle, in one way or another. You can either let it kick your ass or you can kick ass with it. The power of the Human mind is limitless. Some can harness it and ignite positivity and some (most) unfortunately crumble. To be negative is for some a common place of comfort. I’ve been in that dark place(many times in fact) and admit its “easier” to reside there….BUT….it’s a waste of energy. To be positive one must “open” ones heart and appreciate. Gratitude is the best rocket fuel in the planet!

Recently, someone I personally know was told he literally had a limited time on this Earth. Brendon was literally given an “expiration date” and he’s just a kid (30).Not a day goes by when I don’t hear of someone passing away from Cancer or being diagnosed with it. It’s never easy hearing of anyone in those situations but when it’s someone close it really kicks one right where it hurts.

     Brendon is not only is at a very young age but he is a very good person. I know that’s all matter of personal opinion to say that but he truly is. I am in no way dismissing anyone else affected by Cancers wrath but simply speaking about this kid in general. NOBODY (Good or bad) deserves Cancer. It’s a terrible hand he was dealt but he is not letting it affect him in any way. He has chosen NOT to quit and moves on like a Warrior does. I respect his heart and passion, as everyone who knows him does.

      In his honor, a team of me and friends entered the recent “Spartan Race” held in Fenway Park in November 2012.It was one serious event and I had not done something like that since I was in Marines (25 years ago…yikes).Me and my friends Lynn and her hubby Shane knew we had a tremendous physical challenge to overcome doing this event but we committed to it. We were called team “Go down swinging” in honor of my friend Brendon.

Also at the same time, my childhood buddy Dan is filming an inspirational movie called “Go down Swinging”. It’s about another young Warrior. He was a collegiate wrestler(Adam Frey)that sadly passed away from Cancer in his early 20’s.Adam had passion for helping others like my friend Brendon so it was only fitting to give tribute to both. They both are people are of similar “character” and deserve respect.

Never the less (and without carrying on too much more) Myself, Lynn and Hubby took on that race with all we had. A grueling time of sweat, frigid cold, vomit (me three times…lol) and mental adversity we achieved our goal. We felt fulfilled with gratitude for our health to accomplish it and we embraced our appreciation for our friend Brendon’s battle ahead.

He’s a Warrior and he will be fight with Honor!

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