What DRIVES you....

We all put forth the effort of staying fit,getting even more fit and staying healthy.Most people have their priorities backwards in relation to the physical and Nutritional aspect.


What’s YOUR motivation to get in better shape? What Drives you?

More specifically….what are you willing to sacrifice? The fact of the matter is you need to give up some things you’re doing if you truly wish to achieve the best results. The fact that you’re not in “that place” your happy with (physically) should confirm to yourself that you are obviously NOT doing some things right. Problem is…MOST people just refuse to work hard for it. Respectfully, when I say “work” for it I’m referring to the mental aspect of the journey. The psychological component is the key. Harness the mind and capture the body! Knowledge is power!

     Day after day, people certainly put their time in physically (sometimes too much) only to be frustrated in the process. Why? Because they will not accept the fact that NUTRITION is 80-90 percent of the battle! The average person frequents the health club,gym,studio,etc and of course exercises hard. They think that if they workout harder, longer, more frequent, etc ,then they can “get away with” eating the way they want to. They are hoping that their metabolisms will magically accept their hard work and give up some fat. WRONG!!!Its a lot more complex than that!

     Probably THE biggest and most frustrating thing I hear all the time is people drinking alcohol (of any kind) specifically Wine, during the week. They say “they just have a glass or two every night”!?When you explain the physiological “monkey wrench” it throws into the fat burning process they refuse to accept it. I really think they believe that because it’s liquid it will just pass through their system without any harm done. NOT!!!!Alcohol is pure concentrated SUGAR! Calorie for calorie alcohol is as almost as dense as fat calories. The body recognizes sugar as sugar (no matter where it came from) and alcohol is the most detrimental to fat burning! Cut out the drinking and watch the “cuts” come in!

     Anyway, I am not going to go on about the evils of drinking. This little article is about finding your inner strength and accessing your personal goals. When you have a “reason” ….when you have a “vision” of how you want to look and make the mental commitment to get there, the results will be amazing. If you just keep refusing to identify the roadblocks your running over by eating the same, your proverbial sports car(you)will eventually sit in the garage looking the same, never shiny and ominous as it wants to be. Take that car out, put some high test fuel in it and get on it!!


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