Background Checks for Handgun Sales Soar in NH

The single-day background requests were 468 the day after the shooting in Newtown, CT.

The day after the shooting in Newtown, CT, New Hampshire saw a record single-day request for background checks for handgun sales, NHPR reports.

There were 468 requests made on Dec. 15 and 41,041 requests so far in 2012–according to NH State Police.

Read the story on NHPR.

Some state and local firearm-related links:

  • The NH State Police Permits and Licensing Unit, which performs background checks on individuals applying for pistol permits, private investigator licenses, security guard licenses and fireworks permits.

An application for a permit to carry concealed/loaded pistol/revolver may be obtained through the Records Division or directly from our web site for Nashua residents only. Complete the form in its entirety. For the purpose of proving residency, you will be asked to allow Records Division personnel to photocopy your New Hampshire Driver’s License. The copy of the license will be attached to the application. The process takes approximately 2 weeks, depending on the number of record checks required. The Records Division will not call you with the status of the permit. You will be asked to call the Records Division to check on the status. The fee for a pistol permit is $10.00 and will last for four years. For persons living outside of the State of New Hampshire, the application process is handled through the New Hampshire State Police, Permits & Licensing Division in Concord, NH. Residents of towns/cities in New Hampshire but outside of Nashua are required to go through their local police department. Nashua Resident Pistol Permit Application:


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