Highest Paid Windham Employees in 2012

Here are the wages of every town employee.

The 2012 annual town report is scheduled to be released soon and with it a breakdown of every town employee and their earnings for last year.

As per request, we have decided to post a copy of all town employees and their wages rather than the top 50 published in 2011.

Those figures are attached to this article in PDF format. Broken down in the chart are the following items: Employee name, position, regular salary, shift differential, overtime, holiday, contract services, incentive pay, OT/holiday, other, 2012 total gross pay, 2012 benefits and 2012 salary and benefits.

Topping the list of Windham employees for 2012 was patrolman Bryan Bliss, who made $115,600,06 in total gross pay and $51,240.72 in benefits for a total of $166,840.78.

Including salaries and benefits, the total for all employees was $8,700,011.36.

To view the PDF better, be sure to click full screen and zoom in if needed.


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