Nine Goals Make Up School District's Future Strategy

The plan was approved last week and is now available online.

A strategic plan that sat on the shelf for a long time was finally reviewed and approved by the Windham School Board last week.

The strategic plan is outlined for 2012 through to 2017, and is broken down into a myriad of goals each with a timeline listed on how to complete the goal.

The goal completion strategies are listed with a target date, resources needed, person or persons responsible for oversight and the outcome/evaluation.

One of the earliest goals that the district is already working on for the strategic action plan is the establishment of a vertically aligned curriculum for all subject areas, which according to the document should be linked to the common core standards where applicable.

Completing that goal will include the purchase of ELA and math resources, creation or arts curricula and articulating course descriptions.

An example of another goal planned for the next couple years include a plan to increase district-wide student achievement as per state and district/school-level evaluations, such as NECAP's, AP exams and SAT's.

Of the nine goals listed in the strategic plan, the final goal cites an ongoing effort to provide adequate facilities, a reference to the overcrowding issues that continue to embattle the district.

The school board unanimously approved the 11-page document.

The document is attached as a PDF for viewing, and is also available on the right column of the school district website here.


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