Windham Pension Benefits

Of the list of 500, nine of the 2010 beneficiaries were from Windham.

The New Hampshire Retirement System released the top 500 annuitants for calendar year 2010 in response to a right-to-know request for the names of the largest state pension beneficiaries. The Union Leader requested the data while lawmakers were debating pension reforms. The state balked at providing the names, but lost in court.

In Windham, David G. Comeau was the highest on the list, ranked at no. 54.

Here are the 9 beneficiaries on the list from town:

NAME GROSS BENEFIT BENEFIT EFFECTIVE DATE/EMPLOYER David G. Comeau $89,440.26 8/1/2008 - Police William J. Brown $80,676.50 8/1/2005 - Fire Gregory Malisos $79,484.17 7/1/2008 - Police Bruce W. Moeckel $77,414.58 4/1/2005 - Police Louis V. Palermo $77,397.78 6/1/2008 - Police Charles J. Occhipinti $75,609.00 7/1/2007 - Police Stephen J. Plocharczyk $75,122.16 7/1/2007 - Teacher, Windham SD (SAU 28) Don W. Worthington $62,271.00 1/1/2008 - Fire Douglas T. Watson $59,645.34 12/1/2001 - Police


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