Windham Primary Problem Result of Missing Form

The town only had one supervisor working on the checklist material post-election.

A missing form in Windham was the holdup in the release of the final tallies for the 2012 N.H. primary, according to Town Clerk Nicole Merrill.

Merrill said that only one of the three supervisors was working on the election material post-primary, and the Names on Checklist form that has to do with new voter registration was missing.

She added that there was one supervisor who went to surgery the day after, and one who went directly to Florida.

The Associated Press reported on Wednesday that Windham was the only town causing a delay for the release of the finalized tally in New Hampshire.

Merrill said she told Robert Skinner, the Supervisor of the Checklist Chair, that people can't leave after the election or schedule anything.

"Not only is it work during the primary day, it's after the fact," said Merrill.

She added that it was embarrassing, since she really takes pride in what she does.

"Don't worry, I was ripping about it," said Merrill.

Patch contacted Skinner, who confirmed that the two other supervisors were out, but said that one left for Florida on Saturday and the other had a surgical problem on Thursday.

He was also confused when asked about the problem with the Names on Checklist form, saying that he "wasn't aware of any issue."

Merill said that Skinner is "living under a rock" if he doesn't know what's going on.

She added that she and Town Moderator Peter Griffin have worked very closely with the Secretary of State on the issue, but ultimately had been waiting for the form from Skinner.

Griffin also confirmed that he was just in yesterday working with Merrill, and added that Skinner was very aware of the issue

He also said that the Secretary of State's office has been very cooperative during the process.


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