Windham Rep Roll Call on Gay Marriage Vote

How did your state reps vote on HB437?

On March 21 the NH State House of Representatives voted on HB 437, a bill to prohibit same sex marriage.

Representatives debated the bill and various amendments for nearly two hours, amendments that would have added approval of civil unions, additional language, a statewide referendum, and an amendment to consider outlawing marriage between two left-handed people.

Many votes were taken including five roll call votes. The final two saw the following. The first: a vote on the committee recommendation that the bill should pass, which was defeated 133-202, preserving the original decision to allow gay marriage in the state. The second vote, the official roll call on HB 437, was on a motion that the bill be deemed inexpedient to legislate, which passed 211-116.

The lead sponsor of the bill was Windham Rep. David Bates.

How your State Representatives voted

, and a lot of emotion on both sides.

If there is a vote coming up you'd like us to track, let us know. We'll try to bring this to you as frequently as possible.

For the complete NH House roll call vote, click here. All information taken from NH General Court website.

The following are the votes from all District 4 (Salem and Windham) representatives. Those who live in Windham are bolded.


State Rep Ought to Pass Vote Inexpedient to Legislate Vote Gary Azarian-R Nay Yea David Bates-R Yea Nay Ronald J. Belanger-R Nay Yea D.J. Bettencourt-R Presiding Yea Robert Elliot-R Yea Nay Marilinda Garcia Yea Nay Mary E. Griffin-R Yea Nay Walter Kolodziej-R Yea Nay Donna Mauro-R Yea Nay Charles McMahon-R Not Voting Not Voting Richard Okerman-R Not Voting Not Voting John Sytek-R Nay Yea Kevin Waterhouse-R Nay Yea Final Full House Vote 133-202 211-116


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