Free Nutrition Classes

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Free Nutrition Classes at Creative Fitness for Women

Nutrition plays the most important role in everyone’s success to reach their desired weight and body composition.  At Creative Fitness for Women we will teach you the macrobalanced approach to eating; this is a lifestyle not a diet.  At least 75% of your success to reach and exceed your goals will be achieved because you have the right balance in your lifestyle.

Popular weight loss diets arent designed to protect your body they are designed to give you a quick fix and keep you coming back after you regain the weight.  It is time to stop the yo-yo dieting and eat the way our bodies were built to sustain weightloss which is through a healthy lifestyle.  When we talk about a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t mean you can never have a sweet or a glass of wine, its all about balance and moderation.

We will have weekly nutrition consultations and monthly seminars to help our members truly understand what a healthy lifestyle looks like.  If you join our team we assure you, you will win the war on fat forever!!

We guarantee that if you follow the program we prescribe for you, you will get results.  Proper nutrition is  a lifestyle change…not a diet!


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