Teacher, Team Announcements to be Delayed

Students and parents will find out the information in August

Assistant superintendent Amanda Lecaroz told the school board this week that the information on team and teacher placements will not be given to Windham students and parents until mid-August.

According to Lecaroz, the main reason for the delay is the budget, as the district does not yet know whether teachers will be added or not.

"(We) feel it's detrimental to tell students they have one teacher and then change it," she said.

She added that another reason not specific to this year is that the district really needs the additional time and flexibility when it comes to looking at students with special needs.

The plan will be to notify students and parents by mail. There will not be postings on the outside of the school doors.

According to superintendent Henry LaBranche, parents who have children that could go to either Golden Brook School or Windham Center School will be notified before the summer.

"The process has already begun," he said.


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